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Wednesday, 30 July 2014
6.30pm - 8 pm
My Way , Syrena Center, 51 Xuan Dieu, Tay Ho

Auscham & VGAC members: VND250,000
Non-members: VND 350,000
Presenters: VND 150,000

Week 4 July-Message from the Executive Director

Dear Members and Friends 

  • Friday, 8 August will be Sundowners in Danang / Hoi An with the “Tourism Operators” theme. Why not plan a weekend away to coincide with this event??
  • 13 August in Hanoi, (Member) CPA Australia’s Chief Operating Officer will speak at our Business Briefing. In October, CPA Australia’s Chief Financial Officer will address a Business Briefing in HCMC.
  • Today is the deadline for nominating for one of the Working Groups proposed by President, Tareq Muhmood. Please apply now if you’re keen and interested.
  • Don’t forget, SME Memberships are available for those companies with fewer than 20 staff. Also, all memberships are now valid for 12 months (rather than calendar years).
  • This weekend, AusCham’s HCMC staff shall join a weekend away with VGAC members to Vung Tau. AusCham is keen to develop the relationship with Vietnamese who have studied in Australia. It’s time to celebrate those business people and officials with an Australian education!

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